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Get Rid Of That Junker And Get Paid Cash

Cash Empire helps many people rid themselves of Junkers; wrecked or non-running vehicles. Our customers are relieved to have the eyesore removed from their property, and to be able to pocket cash in the process makes the deal even sweeter. But what happens to these vehicles after they are taken away?

At Cash Empire we pride ourselves in paying money for junk cars, the removal of junk vehicles and in the environmentally friendly process that we use to dispose of the vehicle. We want to preserve the earth, and leave it in pristine condition for generations to come.

In the United States alone over one billion gallons of vehicle motor oil is changed yearly. The Environmental Protection Agency states that even a ‘few quarts’ of motor oil poured into the ground or down the drain can potentially contaminate one million gallons of water. This only addresses motor oil and does not include other vehicle fluids, or toxins that are contained in our precious vehicles.

Engine oil that is properly recycled can be used as synthetic motor oil, blended with diesel fuel (up to one percent), home heating, blended with fuel for chainsaws, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers. It can also be used as lubricant for metals. This is only a partial list of uses for recycled engine oil.

Other parts of junked vehicles that are recycled or sent for hazardous material disposal include window glass, airbags, catalytic converters, tires, batteries and battery fluid, viscous fluid filters, and mercury switches.

After all of the hazardous waste and toxins from the vehicle have been removed, the shell is the last remaining portion to be disposed of. Steel is shredded and sent for recycling.

As you can see, responsible disposal of used and non-useable vehicles needs to be of paramount concern for anyone in the automotive industry.

Locating and developing a relationship with hazardous waste disposal companies and recycling centers was a must when Cash Empire entered the automotive arena. We are pleased to be able to boast a close working relationship with these companies, ensuring that all of our vehicles are disposed of in a manner that is considered ‘green’ and environmentally friendly.

Cash Empire not only purchases ‘junk’ vehicles, we pay top dollar for them, remove the vehicle from your property at no charge to you, and we dispose of the vehicle in an eco-friendly manner.

Do your part to ‘go green’ (and put some ‘green’ in your pocket)– call Cash Empire today!

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