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Selling an Unwanted Car is Simple and Easy

Are you struggling with the decision of whether or not to sell a used car? Many people will ‘hold on’ to a vehicle even if it is not in very good condition for a variety of reasons.

Maybe you think that if your primary car breaks down you can use the ‘old’ car as a back up. Has that happened yet? The money you are paying for registration and insurance on that second vehicle would pay for a very nice rental if the need arose, with a bit of cash left over.

Perhaps you think that you would never get a buyer because the car does not look very nice. It runs, but has numerous dings and rust spots and the interior is trashed. Or the car is not running at all.

Or, you would like to sell the car but you do not want to deal with placing an ad in the newspaper, the non-stop phone calls (or no phone calls), people who would like to buy the car but don’t have the money (and want to know if you take payments), and the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles to process the paperwork if you actually become lucky enough to have sold the vehicle.

If you fall into any of the above categories then Cash Empire can help. Cash Empire is in the ‘car buying’ business and knows how to make selling a used vehicle, running or not, a simple and pleasurable experience for you, the seller. You can decide ‘I want to sell my car today’ and do so with the knowledge that you will be dealing with professionals to help you every step of the way.

How long will this take?
One call to Cash Empire will start the ball rolling on the business of selling your unwanted vehicle. Just answer a few simple questions for our representative in a short phone call, usually less than ten minutes.

The entire transaction, from initial phone call to cash can usually be completed within the same day.

What type of information do I have to give?
We do not collect any personal information from you. You will not be asked for credit card information, bank information or Social Security number. The only information we need is the make, model and year of the vehicle and proof of ownership.

Where do I have to take the vehicle?
You do not have to take the vehicle anywhere. We come to you. We will come to your home or office at no charge to you.

Cash Empire also handles all of the Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork, at no charge to you.

Call Cash Empire now to sell your unwanted vehicle and have a pocket full of cash by the end of the day.

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“The experience was top notch. I loved working with the company, and I will be using them again some time in the near future.”