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Cash Empire Will Buy Your Car!

Cash Empire, located in San Diego, California specializes in making the process of selling a used car a totally painless, and pleasurable experience for the seller. We have refined the buying and selling process to minimize time and hassle to the seller.

Do you need cash? Do you have a vehicle that you want or need to sell? Cash Empire will buy your car and pay you in cold hard cash. Transactions can be completed the same day.

Call Cash Empire for the most efficient service possible. We buy used vehicles in mint condition, wrecked cars or trucks, Junkers and everything in-between. If it is a vehicle we will buy it. What benefits can you expect to receive by calling Cash Empire?

We come to you!
After calling Cash Empire and providing a few details we will come to your home, office – wherever you specify, to view the vehicle.

The vehicle will be picked up from the location that you specify, usually within the same day.

There is no need for you to ever leave your home.

No price haggling
Cash Empire pays fair and competitive prices for all vehicles.

No hidden fees
When we make you an offer, that is the amount of money you will receive. There is no ‘pick-up’ or transfer fee, no ‘document’ fees.

Payment is immediate
As soon as the offer is accepted you will be paid – in cash.

Imagine the feeling of having a pocket full of cash to do with as you wish, and that unwanted car is finally out of the driveway!

All required paperwork is taken care of
Cash Empire will process all of the paperwork required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. No need for you to worry about future problems that could arise from improperly filed ownership transfer of the vehicle.

Does this sound too good to be true? What is required from the seller?
The seller needs to know the make, model and year of the vehicle, and will need to provide proof of ownership. Of course you need to make the call to start the process!

Cash Empire, an eco-friendly company, follows all required guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency. We believe that the earth and our future generations are worth preserving.

We want to help you sell your vehicle, no matter the condition, and put cash in your pocket. Call us and make this one of the best days of your life.

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“The experience was top notch. I loved working with the company, and I will be using them again some time in the near future.”